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1 hour ago
50/90 - Day 78

I recorded a lead guitar tonight and then mixed one song.

I have one lead guitar left to record, three vocals left to write and record, and four songs to mix.

And 12 days to do it all.
And I scheduled a vacation day this week that will be devoted entirely to music.

1 day ago
50/90 - Day 77

Today was a decent day. I recorded two vocals. Well, I actually recorded one and re-recorded another with new lyrics. I broke my all-ideas-are-used rule for 50/90. The vocal I put on song #49 on Tuesday was okay, and the lyrics are okay too, but they just didn’t work with the music. I’ll try to force them onto another song before it’s over, but I wrote new lyrics for #49 and I think it works better.

So I recorded two vocals, and I added all of the guitars to song #50. I also started adding leads to one other song but ran out of time. Lastly, I mixed song #50 and posted it all over the web.

A decent day, musically speaking.

2 days ago
50/90 Day 76

I recorded a vocal this morning before work. Tonight before bed I recorded guitars for song #41.

Song #41 was just a couple of bass/drums things. Not even enough for a song. I’m not sure how it’s sad state lasted for so long, but I added another 8 bar phrase, recorded all of the rhythm guitar parts, and pieced it all together into a 4 minute song.

Songs About Folk Stories

I’m trying to force feed lyrics. One way is to base ideas on old folk stories. There are three so far.

I might try and sneak in a couple more before 50/90 is over.

3 days ago
50/90 - Day 75

I wrote and recorded a vocal today but I really don’t like it. The lyrics are okay, but they sound terrible matched up with the music. I think I’m going to try moving them to another song.

4 days ago
50/90 - Day 74


5 days ago
50/90 - Day 73

Pretty good day today. I used my iPad while sitting up in bed this morning to piece together song numbers 49 and 50. Later I recorded all of the guitars for #49. I also finished the leads and mixed the song above. That’s 44 down and six to go.

Does this work?

I’m still far from done, but throughout fiftyninety, 50/90, I’ve been numbering each new song idea.

This morning I pieced two new things together.

They are number 49…

And 50.

6 days ago

50/90 - Day 72

It’s really early, but I think I’m done for the day. I mixed two songs today. Both are okay. That brings me up to 43 songs finished and posted, with another five in progress. I need to come up with at least two more. I’m thinking that if I finish ahead of time I might try and piece a ton of small ideas together into one epic length epic. Probably not. Who knows.

Don’t get cockie, dumbass.

1 week ago
50/90 - Day 71

I mixed one song tonight and started mixing another but zzzz zzzz zzzz

1 week ago
50/90 - Day 70

DAY 70????? OH NO!!!

I recorded vocals for four songs today. That’s a really good haul for me. Three of those four are ready to mix. The forth still needs lead guitar. I have four additional things that are still needing vocals. I will need two more to finish the full project. Three more if I want to complete the album-in-a-month challenge for September. (I need at least 10 songs and when August ended I was already on idea #41)

I’m done for the night though. I’ll start working on the mixes tomorrow.

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