1. I started what eventually became this tumblr when I started a band. Four months later I quit the band and the tumblr became a place dedicated to my goofy writing projects.

    The band carried on without me. Of the five people we started with only the bass player and drummer remained. They ended up as a four piece with a new singer and guitar player. They played out a bunch of times over the course of two years, but last summer the guitar player decided to leave.

    Today I rejoined the band. I’m back again.

    Rock on.

  2. Sorting through the gig bag.


  3. October Song #4

    I don’t like soundcloud anymore, but I am keeping all of this crap on various accounts because I have a playlist with everything I’ve written this year.

    There are now 98 songs on the playlist. Holy cow!


  4. October Song #3

    No clue what it’s about


  5. New Song

    Another song with a swing-ish groove. I don’t hate it, but it is too long. Whatever.


  6. Command Decision

    I made a command decision this morning. My month of bluesy tunes idea was at five songs. That was it. I’m done with the bluesy tunes. My October album project would be bluesy songs on side A, and the 20 minute monster left over from September would be side B.

    I recorded all of the guitars for bluesy #5, and then replaced the leads on bluesy #3. I played slide on that part originally. My slide playing is abysmal. I thought better of it.

    So one of the bluesies (#4) was mixed last night. All of the guitars are done for the other four. Time to go to the 20 minute monster, right?

    Wrong. I worked out bluesy #6. I can’t even follow my own command decisions. Sheesh.


  7. The First October Song

    I’m still trying to write songs for October. I know the lack of posts makes it look otherwise. Here’s the first of the nothing so far…


  8. I planned on mixing a song tonight but just didn’t. I wrote a song’s worth of rhythm section though. That’s five so far for October. We are planning a stay-at-home long weekend this weekend, so I may have time to work out some more song ideas. I think I’m off the 12-bars for a while, but I think I’ll try and keep the rhythms swinging a little for now.

    I also have a bunch of songs to learn for my audition. I think that will happen next week. Maybe.


  9. Sax

    I wasted a telecommute day, mostly. I did record some saxophone for the first time in 2014. No vocals though. One song is finished. I’ll try to mix it tomorrow.

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  10. Hello Old Friend


  11. Vocal

    I recorded a vocal today. One of my four bluesy songs doesn’t feel so bluesy anymore. It’s get two or three sax solos tomorrow though.


  13. October Music

    I’ve got three 12-bars going. I’m feeling cheesy. I think the blues month might turn into a 30% blues month. Not sure yet.

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  14. October Music

    I just worked out the rhythm guitar, bass, and drums for the first of hopefully 10 songs for October.

    Back to work!


  15. 50/90 is Over

    It’s October and 50/90 is done. Well, technically it ends when today ends, but it’s done for me.

    So a new month means a new album in a month project. I’m thinking of doing all blues songs this time, but I might change my mind.

    Here’s April’s music project to tide you over until I get something new up.